Flow Blue Paris New Wharf Pottery Covered Soup Toureen

By | January 31, 2012

My friend Jackie sent me this beautiful covered soup tureen made by New Wharf Pottery Company.  The pattern name is Paris and based on my research this piece dates back to the late 1800’s.


New Wharf Pottery Paris - Soup TureenNew Wharf Pottery Paris inside soup tureenNew Wharf Pottery Paris pattern stamp

More hobnail milk glass pieces

By | January 31, 2012

I got 2 more pieces in the mail from my friend Mitra and I love them.  She sent me a cute hobnail milk glass single stem vase and a large hobnail milk glass candy dish.  I love them both and I will most likely use both pieces this weekend at my mom’s birthday party.

white milk glass hobnail candy dish white milk glass hobnail single stem vase

Sunday Fun-day: Valentine’s Day Edition

By | January 29, 2012

Today I turned an unused Trader Joe’s gingerbread house kit leftover from Christmas into a Valentine’s Day gingerbread house. I bought a $1.00 box of chocolate, a $1.00 bag of Valentine’s Day candy corn and used some frosting and other candies I had in my pantry to decorate.

Trader Joe's Gingerbread house kitValentine's Day Gingerbread houseValentine's Day Gingerbread house side viewValentine's Day Gingerbread house close up

After I made the Valentine’s Day gingerbread house I forced myself to attend the 8am Jazzercise class.  I came home from working out and spent most of the day baking cookies.  I tried my first recipe from my new cookbook, The Treats Truck Baking Book.  I made the Caramel Cream Sandwich Cookies.  Before I go any further I have to say, this recipe calls for FIVE sticks of butter.  I love butter and I love fattening, rich food but that much butter scares me a little.

Carmel Creme Sandwich Cookies Recipe

I used my biscuit cutter, also known s my daughter;s Scooby Doo cup.I have pretty much every kitchen tool and appliance I need but a simple circle cookie cutter. Why don’t I buy one?  I kind of like using my baby’s cup and it works good too.

Carmel Creme Sandwich Cookies cutting raw cookies

Don’t try pressing the cookies together to distribute the frosting.  If you do the cookie might break like mine did.

Carmel Creme Sandwich Cookies broken cookie

The finished product.  I made approximately 30 cookies.  I am taking them with me to work tomorrow because if I kept them at home I would probably finish them myself in a couple of days.

Carmel Creme Sandwich Cookies close up


Craigslist.com Find: I hit the milk glass jackpot!

By | January 28, 2012

Today is Saturday and I had to work.  I normally do not work on the weekends by my department had a backlog and the entire team pitched in and helped take care of it.  Since I was on the computer I decided to do a quick search on Craigslist for “hobnail”.  Today I got lucky.

A very nice lady was selling her mother and aunt’s collection of milk glass for a very reasonable price (in my opinion).  Someone else might say I got ripped off but in my opinion, if you like something, you pay for it, and then you enjoy it then you paid the right price.  Anyway, that could be a whole other post.  I am kind of iffy about posting prices on this blog, especially since some of the pieces I find will be given as a gift.  I will probably pick and chose which posts that I include prices on but I think that listing the price is beneficial to show that collecting milk glass, flow blue, or other collectibles does not have to cost a fortune.  With patience, luck, and determination it is possible to find dishes at bargain prices.  That being said, the entire collection listed directly below was purchased for $100.

milk glass collection from Craigslist.com 1-28-12

I am not sure who made the hobnail pieces but they are a nice addition to my hobnail shelf.

milk glass hobnail close up 1-28-12

Included in this collection was a very cute white heart dish which I have seen a couple other places like ebay.com and replacements.com.  I believe it is made by Westmoreland and called Hearts-Almond according to the replacements.com website.  I love how it looks stacked on top of some of my other plates.

milk glass heart plate - Westmoreland 1-28-12 

milk glass plates stacked 1-28-12

Also included in the purchase was this nice platter or plate.  I can’t find an exact match online.  I think it kind of looks like the Westmoreland Doric pattern it does not look like an exact match to my inexperienced eye.   Any ideas who made this piece?

milk glass lace plate

Once of my favorite parts of today’s purchase is the adorable stack of white milk glass plates.  Like some of the other pieces, I cannot figure out who made them but I do not love them any less.

milk glass stack of plates


Lastly there were 10 pieces of Westmoreland’s Paneled Grape Pattern Milk glass.

  • 5 Westmoreland Paneled Grape water goblets
  • 1 Westmoreland Paneled Grape Mayonnaise/Cocktail-Bowl and Ladle
  • 1 Westmoreland Paneled Quarter Pound Covered Butter dish
  • 2 Westmoreland Paneled Grape candle holder (I could be wrong with this description)
  • 1 Westmoreland Paneled Grape thing that I can’t identify (piece on the far left of the picture)

milk glass Westmoreland paneled grape collection

Westmoreland Paneled Grape Mayonnaise/Cocktail-Bowl and Ladle

Westmoreland Paneled Grape Mayonnaise/Cocktail-Bowl and Ladle

 Westmoreland Paneled Grape Pattern Milk glass close up

This weekend it looks like my collection doubled in size.  It is about to outgrow the damaged bookshelf that we bought from craigslist.com years ago for $20.  I am going to be on the look out for a nice and affordable cabinet.

Thrift Shop Find: $1 Anchor Hocking drop milk glass vase

By | January 24, 2012

Today I decided to spend my lunch break at some local thrift shops in Poway.  I was hoping to find a lot of milk glass, Flow Blue, and other cool stuff for cheap.  That did not happen.  I did not find one piece of Flow Blue.  I found an Anchor Hocking drop milk glass vase and it was only $1.00.  I could have show my military ID and got a 15% off discount but I felt silly and guilty considering the money from the thrift store goes to charity.

I came home, did some research online and found that this vase sells from $10 and up plus shipping and handling.  That makes me love it just a little bit more. 😉

Anchor Hocking drop milk glass vase

Anchor Hocking drop milk glass vase price tagAnchor Hocking drop milk glass vase close up


Flow Blue Fever –W.H. Grindley Shanghai Round Covered Butter Dish

By | January 23, 2012

Travis has a serious case of Flow Blue Fever. He found a W.H. Grindley Shanghai Round Covered Butter Dish on eBay and won the auction after a fierce bidding battle. We can’t wait to send that to Grandma Bev since she has wanted a covered butter dish for a while. At the rate we are finding her dishes, Grandpa Bill is going to have to build a 3rd story onto their home just to make space for all of these pieces.

Shanghai Flow Blue round covered butter dish

The Treats Truck Cookbook….mmmmm….sweets…

By | January 23, 2012

I was watching the Nate Berkus show the other day and they had a segment on The Treats Truck. The recipes looked good and so I had to buy the cookbook.  I got that in the mail today too.  I am excited to try out some of the recipes.  I will probably post some pictures after I bake.

The Treats Truck cookbook

Another Day, Another Package

By | January 23, 2012

Today I came home to another package waiting for me. This is like the never ending birthday, I can’t really complain.

My friend Jackie (who also sent me some Flow Blue dishes) sent me this really cool book.

Collector's Encyclopedia Flow Blue Book


I opened the book to this sweet little note:

inside the book

Then I flipped through the pages and noticed she marked the page to her favorite piece.  Did she catch Flow Blue Fever too?

Jackie's favorite

Hobnail, Hotcakes, and tamales

By | January 22, 2012

Today started off like any other weekend. Until late morning when the doorbell rang. My daughter opened the door and my sister. sister-in-law, nephew, mom, and dad suprised me and brought a party with them. They brought me my favorite cheese tamales from La Masocta Bakery and some delicious cupcakes from Hotcakes Bakes. I probably should have taken pictures of the food but I was so excited I did not even think to do it.

I also got more gifts and guess what, more glass. I am so excited that my collection is growing so fast and I love that the collection has pieces given to me by people I love.

Here are my newest pieces:

hobnail bell and dish from Becky

milk glass covered jar  from Becky

I rearranged my things to put all of my hobnail on one shelf. Here is what it looks like:

hobnail shelf 01-22-12

Grandma Bev’s Collection

By | January 22, 2012

This is Grandma Bev’s Flow Blue collection. How could we not fall in love with Flow Blue after seeing this?