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By | January 22, 2012

Inspired by Grandma Bev, I decided I wanted to start collecting some sort of china/glassware. I had a hard time deciding because I hate commitments. At first I thought I wanted carnival glass, then fenton, then milk glass. I bought my first piece in Indiana. A small blue fenton hobnail dish. While I was in Indiana I saw some cute blue plates but I was scared to bring them on on the plane. When we got back to CA we went on our first Flow Blue hunt and I found the blue plates from Indiana except they were in black. I took that as a sign and I bought the black plates. My dear hubby contacted Grandma Bev and shortly after I had the blue set of plates on my doorstep. Then today I found one white plate. I have found a couple of other white dishes that I picked up so I think that I am collecting white dishes along with any cute Fenton or carnival glass that I find along the way.

My Forget-Me-Not Westmorland plates in three colors, blue, white, and black (amethyst)

forget me not westmoreland milk glass plates

My little collection on 01/08/12:

my collection on 01-08-12

I know this blog is about Flow Blue but Grandma Bev inspired me to start collecting so I am going to post some of the things I find while looking for her Flow Blue.

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