Happy Birthday to me!

By | January 22, 2012

I picked the perfect time to start collecting dishes. About a month before my birthday, which means I got a lot of pretty pieces this year. =)

Grandma Bev and Grandpa Bill sent me two beautiful pieces.

I love hobnail!

fenton light blue hobnail pitcher for my birthday

 Here it is with it’s new family:

fenton collection jan 2012


They also got me this pretty bud case. I can’t wait to put a flower in it!

pink fenton for my birthday

 close up:

pink fenton close up for my birthday

 My dear hubby got me this red hobnail piece:

red hobnail for my birthday

And then my friend Jackie, her mom and her son sent me this:

flow blue plate from jackie

Here is the stamp from the bottom of the plate:

flow blue plate  stamp from jackie

flow blue cup and saucer from Jackie bottom of cup:

flow blue cup stamp from Jackie


I love all of my gifts. Thank you to everyone.

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