Future Project: DIY cake stand and cookie stands

By | September 9, 2012

This weekend I hung around the house and continued working on painting the buffet. I am having some problems with it but I am trying not to give up.

Through random browsing I came across a really cute project that I am planning on trying. This one seems simple, quick, and inexpensive. I am going to try and make a cookie stand. My inspiration came mainly from here.

Here are some inspirations:


This afternoon I went down the road to pick up a newspaper because I am attempting to coupon again. I could not help checking out the Goodwill that is in the same parking lot of the newspaper stand. I think I experienced DIY destiny because I found two of the three pieces I will need.



I posted the prices I paid because I normally end up spending more than the prices I see other people spend on their projects so I decided to start documenting what I pay for things.

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