Flow Blue covered dish – Fraureuth Germany

By | January 22, 2012

So even before Flow Blue hunting became my hobby I liked going to estate sales. Lucky for me I live in a town that has a lot of “senior only” neighborhoods. That equates to estate sales pretty much every weekend. Some of them are full of junk, others remind me of mini museums. This weekend we got lucky. We found a home with a huge collection of Flow Blue.
When we arrived at the home of the estate sale we inspected the dishes. The stamp at the bottom had the name Fraureuth on it. I did some research and I could find little information about the maker and I could not find any pictures of this exact pattern. The information I did find is on this web site.
On Friday we bought the covered dish for Grandma Bev. Her favorite manufacturer is W.H. Grindley but this pattern was so pretty we decided to buy her the dish.

flow blue covered dish with rosesClose up:

 And then we decided to go back today and buy the rest of the collection. We plan to try and sell it so that we can turn around and use the money to buy more Grindley pieces. If you know anything about these dishes please leave me a comment.

Flow blue set with roses


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