Find: I hit the milk glass jackpot!

By | January 28, 2012

Today is Saturday and I had to work.  I normally do not work on the weekends by my department had a backlog and the entire team pitched in and helped take care of it.  Since I was on the computer I decided to do a quick search on Craigslist for “hobnail”.  Today I got lucky.

A very nice lady was selling her mother and aunt’s collection of milk glass for a very reasonable price (in my opinion).  Someone else might say I got ripped off but in my opinion, if you like something, you pay for it, and then you enjoy it then you paid the right price.  Anyway, that could be a whole other post.  I am kind of iffy about posting prices on this blog, especially since some of the pieces I find will be given as a gift.  I will probably pick and chose which posts that I include prices on but I think that listing the price is beneficial to show that collecting milk glass, flow blue, or other collectibles does not have to cost a fortune.  With patience, luck, and determination it is possible to find dishes at bargain prices.  That being said, the entire collection listed directly below was purchased for $100.

milk glass collection from 1-28-12

I am not sure who made the hobnail pieces but they are a nice addition to my hobnail shelf.

milk glass hobnail close up 1-28-12

Included in this collection was a very cute white heart dish which I have seen a couple other places like and  I believe it is made by Westmoreland and called Hearts-Almond according to the website.  I love how it looks stacked on top of some of my other plates.

milk glass heart plate - Westmoreland 1-28-12 

milk glass plates stacked 1-28-12

Also included in the purchase was this nice platter or plate.  I can’t find an exact match online.  I think it kind of looks like the Westmoreland Doric pattern it does not look like an exact match to my inexperienced eye.   Any ideas who made this piece?

milk glass lace plate

Once of my favorite parts of today’s purchase is the adorable stack of white milk glass plates.  Like some of the other pieces, I cannot figure out who made them but I do not love them any less.

milk glass stack of plates


Lastly there were 10 pieces of Westmoreland’s Paneled Grape Pattern Milk glass.

  • 5 Westmoreland Paneled Grape water goblets
  • 1 Westmoreland Paneled Grape Mayonnaise/Cocktail-Bowl and Ladle
  • 1 Westmoreland Paneled Quarter Pound Covered Butter dish
  • 2 Westmoreland Paneled Grape candle holder (I could be wrong with this description)
  • 1 Westmoreland Paneled Grape thing that I can’t identify (piece on the far left of the picture)

milk glass Westmoreland paneled grape collection

Westmoreland Paneled Grape Mayonnaise/Cocktail-Bowl and Ladle

Westmoreland Paneled Grape Mayonnaise/Cocktail-Bowl and Ladle

 Westmoreland Paneled Grape Pattern Milk glass close up

This weekend it looks like my collection doubled in size.  It is about to outgrow the damaged bookshelf that we bought from years ago for $20.  I am going to be on the look out for a nice and affordable cabinet.

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